A year on the road with Ruff

Drummer with the Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band, Tarjei Strøm, has been on the road with his Ruff kit almost a year now, and done gigs at strange, small french club scenes, arenas with over 60.000 attenders…and everything in between. They have been in Aeroplanes, in the back of nighliners, trucks, small cars, large cars, in and out of studios, on and off festival-stages and in and out of their cases every time. Tarjei says: ”I’ve used the kit in many different settings; live with Magnet, Ralph Myerz, Juian Berntzen, Helen Eriksen and Sondre Lerche, and in the studio with Ralph Myers and Ephemera. Every night I’ve felt like a king behind the kit, and the tight sound have suited my needs perfectly! This have to be the utimate road test for your drums…”

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