Ruff custom acrylic drums offer high quality craftmanship, unique lug design and superior tonal charcteristics for the modern percussionist! For the very first time, drum shells and lugs are developed and manufactured in Norway, and our collaboration with one of the most in-demand acryl supplier in the country ensures the customer state-of-art quality drums.

Our drums are offered in the colors orange, green, blue, black, brown and clear, but other colors as well as frosted finish and flourescent drums can be special ordered. We manufacture drums with diameter ranging from 6” to 24” in the most common depths, with thickness of choice between 5mm and 12mm. Bearing edges are dual 45 degrees presicion cut. The drums come with our patented acrylic lugs, which gives the drum better tonal characteristics than conventional metal lugs. Last, but not least, the badge is engraved into the shell.

Delivery endurance: approx. 6 - 8 weeks

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